green hill design partnership

Levi Adelaide pool and accommodation

Green Hill Design is a South Australian Building Design Partnership with over 10 years experience designing buildings in the residential, commercial and tourism markets, and who also masterplan residential and tourism developments around Australia.

Based in Adelaide CBD, we would be pleased to:-

Design your home, home extension, renovation, help you re-design landscaped areas and all smaller ‘tricky’ jobs that require creative thinking.

Masterplan your tourism, accommodation or lifestyle facility, either in part or completely, and help you work out a staging plan for growth.

Design associated commercial tourism buildings, accommodation, motel blocks, amenities buildings, communal recreational/dining buildings, shops and offices, light industrial buildings and the like.

We can help take your designs through to Development Approval, (including both Planning and Building Applications), and have extensive contacts in connected areas of expertise, including Engineering, Building Contractors, Energy Efficiency and Town Planning.

We pride ourselves on creativity, problem solving and common sense approaches to deliver buildable outcomes for you. We produce beautifully presented design concepts with builder-friendly plans and documentation – great ideas that work in practice, designed to suit your requirements.


As a largely word of mouth business we are focused primarily on personal contact and developing relationships which is likely how you have found us!

For any and all questions regarding our work, services or costs – please feel free to contact the telephone number or email address provided above and we will be very glad to discuss your requirements with you or to organise a meeting in person.